thin coatings

PVD - Physical Vapour Deposition

Fine coating process (2- 5µm thick) vacuum deposition where a material is transformed into steam , finally transported and deposited on the surface of a substrate.

  • Increased performance life
    ( Cutting tools , molds, dies, cutting and shaping , etc. . )
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Productivity increases
  • Best product finish
  • Reduction / elimination of lubrication



  • High wear resistance and low friction coefficient .
  • High hardness and resistance to oxidation at high temperature.
  • High coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • Good toughness .
  • Good corrosion resistance .
  • Coating of the family of the " DLC - Diamond Like Carbon " .

Cutting tools for metal removal: Coated carbide tools or high speed steel specially designed for cutting aluminium and its alloys.

Cutting hard materials . Cutting of dry materials or with low refrigeration .
Injection Mold : mold components subjected to high temperatures , such as the injection of aluminium alloys and other light alloys .
Components Plastic injection molds subjected to heavy wear , corrosion and gripping phenomena .
The best solution for coating the moving parts are subject to metal-metal friction with the possibility of gripping.
Forming tools : coating cutting tools, stamping and forming plastic steels , aluminum alloys , copper and brass . Powder pressing molds .

Wear applications in general.


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